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Go Workshop / Atelier de Go

Men sitting playing go game

The Ottawa Go Club ( organizes a series of workshops for people who want to improve their knowledge of the Go game. We will discuss various aspects of the game, do practical exercises and problems, explore and practice. Designed for beginners and intermediate players.

Le Club de Go d'Ottawa ( organise des ateliers pour tous ceux qui aimeraient approfondir leurs connaissances du jeu de Go. On y discute plusieurs aspects du jeu, on fait des exercices et des problèmes, on explore et on s’entraîne. Conçu pour les débutants et les intermédiaires.

Image: Winning Go

Winning Go

Successful Moves From the Opening to the Endgame
By Bozulich, Richard
Image: Go Fundamentals

Go Fundamentals

Everything You Need to Know to Play and Win Asia's Most Popular Game of Martial Strategy
By Kishikawa, Shigemi