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  • MISE À JOUR – Annonce du gouvernement provincial concernant les bibliothèques publiques et la cueillette d’articles


    Nous nous réjouissons de l’annonce du gouvernement provincial : à la première phase de réouverture de la province, les bibliothèques, pourront offrir des services de cueillette d’articles.

    Pour être en mesure de proposer ces services tout en protégeant la sécurité de nos employés et de nos clients, nous avons beaucoup de pain sur la planche. La reprise de nos services physiques doit en effet tenir compte des exigences de distanciation physique et des besoins en équipement de protection individuelle, et prévoir la mise en place de mesures d’hygiène accrues et de nouveaux protocoles pour les employés et les clients. Nous préparons une stratégie qui nous permettra d’offrir – aussitôt que possible en en toute sécurité – un service de cueillette des articles demandés.

    Dès que nous aurons d’autres renseignements sur les nouvelles modalités de ce service, nous les publierons sur toutes nos plateformes.

    Merci de votre patience pendant que nous traversons cette situation qui évolue rapidement.



    Toutes les succursales de la BPO, les arrêts du Bibliobus et les services de livraison à domicile sont fermés temporairement jusqu'au 30 juin 2020.  Cette fermeture est en réponse aux conseils de Santé publique Ottawa (SPO) concernant la COVID-19 (coronavirus) pour la santé et la sécurité de notre communauté. Nous continuerons à surveiller la situation et à nous ajuster au fur et à mesure qu'elle évolue. Veuillez noter qu'en ce moment : 


    • Les dates d'échéance pour tous le matériel emprunté ont été prolongées et les frais de retard suspendus;

    • Les postes de retour sont fermés. Gardez vos articles empruntés jusqu'à la réouverture des succursales;

    • Les articles demandés ont été suspendus et les dates d'expiration des articles demandés ont été prolongées - incluant les prêts entre bibliothèques; 

    • La location des salles de réunion est annulée et les frais sont en train d'être remboursés;

    • Les réservations d'ordinateurs, les programmes, les événements et les activités de sensibilisation sont annulés; et

    • Les cartes de la BPO expirées ou sur le point d'expirer ont été prolongées.


    Continuez à utiliser la Bibliothèque en ligne :


    • Visitez le site web de la BPO et notre nouvelle section S'isoler sans s'ennuyer pour découvrir une richesse de contenu numérique, des nouvelles et des idées.

    • Contactez InfoService par téléphone ou par courriel pour accéder au contenue numérique de la BPO avec votre carte temporaire.

    Obtenez une carte temporaire ici.


    Nous vous remercions de votre patience et de votre soutien, et nous espérons vous revoir bientôt en ligne et en personne.



The Homebound Services Team Favourite Books of 2017


Have you ever wondered what books library staff are reading, and what types of genres they enjoy?  Look no further!  This is a list of the Homebound Services Team’s favourites from 2017.  Our team spends most of our days selecting library materials for customers who are unable to visit a branch regularly (due to age, illness or disability) and we are very knowledgeable about the Ottawa Public Library’s various collections.  We also have a passion for reading, and readers’ advisory, and enjoy sharing our top choices.   

Let us know in the comments section if you have read and/or enjoyed any of our selections!


Homebound Services Team Favourite Books of 2017 by charmaine_library

The Homebound Services Team has a passion for reading, and readers’ advisory. Below are our favourite reads of 2017. #staffpicks #we recommend #fiction #non-fiction

  • Image: Need to Know

    Need to Know

    A Novel
    By Cleveland, Karen
    An edge of the seat thriller that leaves you thirsting for more long after you have finished reading. A story of a husband and wife, Matt and Vivian, and the secrets they carry…. Vivian is a CIA analyst who is working on uncovering Russian sleeper cells. Her Husband Matt cares for the children while Vivian is at work, and they have been leading a fairly normal life… until Vivian uncovers a image of her husband on the computer of a potential Russian spy. This book will keep you up until the wee hours of the morning, trying to figure out just who Matt…and Vivian really are…
  • Image: Manhattan Beach

    Manhattan Beach

    A Novel
    By Egan, Jennifer
    For the midcentury modern feminist, this is the story of one of the first female Navy divers. A complex tale about power, danger, responsibility, and gender roles in 1940s New York.
  • Image: A Gentleman in Moscow
    Eloise meets the Tannenbaums in this charming story of a friendship between the friendship between a young hotel guest and an old man essentially under house arrest in the (real-life) Metropol Hotel. A coming of age story mingled with the coming of age of a new country, the Soviet Union.
  • Image: Catalina
    Elsa is experiencing some transition in her life, and is not coping well. After being fired from her job at MOMA (where she had been having an affair with her married boss) she turns to alcohol, and drugs, and a ‘vacation.’ She heads to California where she reconnects with some friends from her childhood, and they head out to Catalina on a boat trip. In Catalina, truths resurface, friendships are tested, and boundaries are pushed…
  • Image: Indelible


    A Novel
    By Saunders, Adelia
    Two families’ stories are interwoven across continents and generations. A magic realist book for anyone who loved Nicole Krauss's A History of Love.
  • Image: Bad Feminist
    A funny, insightful look at contemporary feminism, culture, diversity and privilege. Gay (2014) comments “I embrace the label of bad feminist because I am human. I am messy. I’m not trying to be an example. I am not trying to be perfect. I am not trying to say I have all the answers. I am not trying to say I’m right. I am just trying—trying to support what I believe in, trying to do some good in this world, trying to make some noise with my writing while also being myself.”
  • Image: Speaking Our Truth

    Speaking Our Truth

    A Journey of Reconciliation
    By Gray Smith, Monique
    A good starting point for anyone delving into the ongoing impact of Canada’s residential school system for the first time. Smith thoroughly and sensitively tackles this difficult topic with compassion. It is informative without being overwhelming. Smith lays out the power each of us possess and the role we can play today and in the future. Suitable for children in older grades, teens, newcomers or adults looking for a straightforward introduction to a challenging and complex situation.
  • Image: Unbranded


    A Wild Mustang Expedition
    A visually stunning adventure about four men who ride 3000 miles through the American West, all the way from Mexico to Canada. It highlights the country’s rugged beauty and also the stresses put on the land by cattle farming. While it is worth a watch for the landscape and adventure story alone, Val stole the show with his pure and beautiful song. I felt entirely transported, and also wistful at the thought that someday such beautiful land and the cowboys that ride it may not exist.
  • Image: The Piano Maker
    In this novel, Palka manages to tell an incredibly compelling, dramatic story in a quiet, low-key manner. It is beautiful and lonely, and I loved every minute of it.
  • Image: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

    Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

    100 Tales of Extraordinary Women
    By Favilli, Elena
    Initially crowdfunded through a $1 million dollar Kickstarter campaign, the most successful ever for a book, this book contains short one page mini biographies of women from the past and the present from around the world. The story of each life is told in a fairy tale style and accompanied by beautiful full-page portraits by 60 different female artists. Every time we open this book at bedtime by 6 year old is riveted and inevitably begs for “one more, please, just one more”. The creators of the amazing book have since come out with a second volume, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2.