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Stages and Pages: Gracie


Gracie, by Joan MacLeod is a sensitive and compassionate coming of age story, offering a glimpse into the secretive world of a polygamous religious community through the eyes of a child. The one-woman show introduces the engaging Gracie as an eight-year-old, driving with her mother and siblings to Canada, where her mother will marry a man they have never met and they will all join his family. Gracie is thrilled by the prospect of new friendships and the gift of her first doll, but she is also confused and worried by some aspects of her new environment. We return to her at 12, and again at 15, as her awareness of the strictures of her community grows and becomes unbearable. This is a nuanced depiction of a world many Canadians find fascinating, focussing on the human lives and love that exist beyond the headlines.

Get to know Gracie at the Great Canadian Theatre Company from April 24th-May 13th, 2018. For more insight into life in a secretive religious community—polygamous and otherwise—see the resources below.


GCTC 2017-2018: Graciepar allison_library

As part of the Ottawa Public Library's “Stages and Pages” partnership with the Great Canadian Theatre Company, we have compiled this list to accompany the production of Gracie which opens at the GCTC on April 24, 2018.