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Applying for a Job with the City of Ottawa Municipal Government - Career Reboot Group

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Do you want to work for the City of Ottawa?  Don't miss this session with Matt Graham, a former Hiring Manager at the City of Ottawa, to learn first-hand knowledge and insider tips on how to go about the process and how to distinguish yourself.    

You will learn about the process of finding postings of jobs, tips on how to fill out the application and how to limit your chances of getting screened out, and details of what to do after you apply.  Followed by great advice on how to prepare for an interview or test, how to sell yourself, how to prepare for the conversation at the interview, what the hiring manager looks for, and more.   Matt will then discuss the probation period once you are in, and the internal job postings and training opportunities available.  

Bring your questions and learn from an expert!

Matt Graham has worked in the building construction industry for 37 years.  From his 32-year tenure with the City of Ottawa, Matt brings extensive knowledge of what it takes to navigate the City application process in a fast paced and competitive market. As hiring manager for job completions with his Branch, specifically for the building inspections division, Matt learned that hiring the best candidate with the right interpersonal skills, experience, and technical knowledge was key. Matt has always maintained the key to success is marketability, the elements you bring to the position that are beyond the posted requirements. Recently retired, Matt stays involved with those looking to advance their careers.

The Career Reboot Group is in its fourth season at Ottawa Public Library!  It is expanding this fall to Orleans Branch!  Check out Career Reboot workshops at Beaverbrook, Emerald Plaza and Orleans.  Workshops are targeted for those who are currently employed and are looking for a new career or career advancement. It also welcomes professionals seeking a job. Coming together in mutual support, to share and compare information, ideas, notes and strategies. Each session will begin with specific topic pertinent to job hunting (resumes, social media, networking and more) leading into an open discussion. Contributions by group members are encouraged. The facilitator will develop and maintain an ongoing list of helpful resources, groups, websites as they are discussed.

Registration recommended. Drop-ins also welcome.  



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