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  • Fermeture : le jeudi 27 février 2020

    En raison de la tempête de neige, la BPO a ouvert à midi (12 h) le jeudi 27 février

    • Les articles réservés et les prêts seront prolongés jusqu’au samedi 29 février.
    • Les frais de demandes expirés seront annulés entre le jeudi 27 février et le samedi 29 février.
  • La succursale Centrale est fermée pour le reste de la soirée en raison d'une panne d'éléctricité.



Do you really miss leg warmers and sequined gloves? Perhaps you feel the world needs more hot pink, lime green and hairspray. Or maybe you think rock attained perfection in 1974 (it's a scientific fact). If you agreed with any of the previous statements (you poor misguided soul), then do we have a sale for you! ENCORE, the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library used bookstore located in the Orléans branch is having a 2-for-1 sale on music CDs from the 70s & 80s. For $2, you can rock out to Def Leppard or cringe along to the sappy ballads of Chicago. You'll also find CDs from INXS, Genesis, The Police, Tom Petty and much, much more.

CDs this timeless will undoubtedly go fast so be sure to visit soon!

The Orléans library is located at 1705 Orléans Blvd. Please click the following link for our opening hours