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It's an Artpocalypse!

Par MissAnnie


This summer the theme of the TD Summer Reading Club is 'Find Your Passion'.  The children in Barrhaven have declared that their favourite passion is creating ART.  Whenever a child has come to the library to report their summer reading, we have asked them to record their accomplishments by putting a colourful marker up on one of our windows.  Each window was assigned a category.  We chose READING, COMPUTERS, MUSIC, SCIENCE, SPORTS and ART to be the options.  And, the winner is ART!   ART is ahead of its closest rival, READING, by a solid 30%.  We are thankful that READING is still in contention!  We are approaching 15,000 books read this summer.


We thought maybe computers or sports would be in the lead, but so far that is just not the way it is unfolding here.