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Explore science through Carleton University’s popular Science Cafés. Put on by the university’s Faculty of Science, cafés are held twice a month during the fall...


Mercredi Sep 4, 2019 à 18h30 / until 2020-03-25

Sharing, in community, our experiences, knowledge, reflections and ideas about life in Canada and our situation in the larger world, past, present and future.


Mercredi Sep 11, 2019 à 14h00 / until 2020-06-17

Faculty of Engineering & Design professors will be sharing their research with you. (Each session is a new and fascinating subject.)


Mercredi Sep 11, 2019 à 18h30 / until 2020-05-06

Conversations, in community, exploring ways to experience and understand our environment not as "out there" but ourselves as insiders, participating in Earth's ecosphere. With such...


Jeudi Sep 12, 2019 à 14h00 / until 2020-06-18

Convened in an extended sense of community, topics of conversation range from the local to the global.


Samedi Sep 14, 2019 à 10h00 / until 2020-06-13