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Certains programmes en succursale requièrent une inscription avec votre carte de bibliothèque. Veuillez-vous connecter avec votre compte de bibliothèque ou suivre ce lien pour demander une carte en ligne. Vous pouvez également demander une carte en personne dans l'une de nos 33 succursales.

  • Le mercredi 21 février à 19 h
    45 minutes

    Are you a new library user and want to learn about what we offer at the Ottawa Public Library? Have you been an OPL member for years, but want to learn more about our collections, services, and programs? Join us to discover what you can access at your local library branch, and have a chance at winning some OPL merch! Registration encouraged but drop-ins always welcome.

  • Forest with trees, headphones over books

    Le jeudi 22 février à 13 h 30
    60 minutes

    Listen to a curated list of podcast episodes (see list and links below) on a particular topic or theme and then we meet at the Rockcliffe Park branch for a moderated discussion led by Heather Goldik.

    It’s the perfect discussion for time-starved folks. No long books to read! Listen to the podcasts while you commute, do chores or go for a walk. Listening to podcasts is such a great way to learn something new and then further reinforce that knowledge by discussing with others.

    This month's theme is Forests! Join us as we go deep into the forest to learn how trees communicate and collaborate, the role of Good Fire for ecological health and Indigenous cultural empowerment and what we humans can learn from trees. We’ll look deep into the ground and up into the canopy and even into the place the forest has in our imaginations.

    English event, Adult. Registration is required as space is limited.

    4 Podcasts:

    1) BBC World Service: The Compass 

    Under the Canopy: Forests of Folktale and Imagination (27 minutes)

    Jessica unpicks the profound role that forests play in our imaginative life. We know of course that they feature heavily in the fairy tales and myths we use to navigate life as children, and as we hear from writers like Max Porter, Richard Powers and Melissa Harrison, they also offer ways of understanding the complexities of desire, politics and history in our adult lives. Poet Carl Phillips describes how forests mirror the wilderness within us, while Jinni Reddy tells of how she found beauty in the forest through facing down her fears. 

    2) Radiolab 

    Forests on Forests (25 minutes)

    We journey up into the sky and discover Forests above the forest. We learn about the secret powers of these sky gardens from ecologist Karuna Mafune, and we follow Nalini Nadkarni as she makes a ground-breaking discovery that changes how we understand what trees are capable of.  

    3) Good Fire 

    Episode: Welcome to Good Fire (23 minutes) 

    Wildfire is often portrayed in the media as being ‘destructive’ and ‘catastrophic’. In this podcast we explore the concept of fire as a tool for ecological health and cultural empowerment by Indigenous people around the globe. Good Fire is a term used to describe fire that is lit intentionally to achieve specific ecological and cultural goals. Good fire is about balance. 

    4) BBC World Service: The Compass

    Under the Canopy: Forests of Science and Knowledge (26 minutes)

    Writer Jessica J Lee, sets out to describe the myriad ways that forests operate in our lives and the life of the planet. She outlines the exciting developments that have taken place in our understanding of the ways forests work over recent decades, with science offering radical new ways of recognizing these places as communities of mutually supportive trees rather than competitive spaces where individual trees fight one another for survival. 

    5) Science of Happiness 

    Episode: What Humans Can Learn From Trees (17 minutes) 

    Trees don’t just compete with one another for resources, they also cooperate. Scientist and author Suzanne Simard explains the surprising science of trees. 

    About Heather

    Heather has worked in libraries for over 15 years. As Adult Service Coordinator at the Nelson Public Library in BC—and inspired by her love of learning through books, podcasts, and conversation — Heather started a podcast club. Now living in the Ottawa area, Heather is happy to be sharing her interests with Rockcliffe Park.

  • Les jeudis, 22 février, 2024 - 29 février, 2024
    14 h 00
    30 minutes

    2 sessions restantes

    Stories, rhymes and songs for babies (newborn to 18 months) with a parent or caregiver. Drop-in program. 

  • Les jeudis, 22 février, 2024 - 20 juin, 2024
    19 h 00
    60 minutes

    5 sessions restantes

    Join us for a discussion of cookbooks and recipes. Try a recipe from each month’s cookbook selection and tell us what you think! ​
    All are welcome. 

  • open book on tree roots, surrounded by leaves

    Les jeudis, 22 février, 2024 - 28 mars, 2024
    19 h 00
    60 minutes

    2 sessions restantes

    Come join us the 4th Thursday of every month for lively discussion on a variety of English-language books. Everything from non-fiction to fantasy to gentle reads, there's something for everyone - and you may find a new genre that appeals to you!

    When you register, we will reserve a copy of the book for you - no need to place a hold, unless you would like to enjoy the book in a different format.

  • Les vendredis, 23 février, 2024 - 31 mai, 2024
    14 h 00
    60 minutes

    4 sessions restantes

    Join in stimulating discussions on selected titles in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere on the last Friday of the month.

  • image of wooden scrabble tiles beside image of stack of library books

    Les vendredis, 23 février, 2024 - 31 mai, 2024
    14 h 00
    120 minutes

    4 sessions restantes

    Vous aimez les jeux de société et les jeux de cartes? Vous souhaitez discuter de votre dernière lecture avec quelqu'un? Vous avez envie d'une partie de Scrabble, Carcasonne ou Mille bornes en français? Rejoingnez-nous pour cette rencontre informelle et amusante en langue française. 

  • Sleuth Hounds

    Le samedi 24 février à 10 h
    135 minutes

    The program aims to help children practice and improve their reading skills! Children will receive individualized reading help and encouragement. Ages 6-12. Online Registration Required / Ce programme contribue au développement de la lecture chez les jeunes en favorisant l'accompagnement comme moyen privilégié d'apprentissage et de partage. Pour les 6-12 ans. Inscription en ligne requise

    Step 1. Register for program / Étape 1: S'inscrire au programme.

    Step 2. You will be added to the wait list. / Étape 2: Vous serez ajouté à la liste d'attente.

    Step 3. An employee will contact you to complete the registration. / Étape 3: Un employé communiquera avec vous pour compléter l'enregistrement.

  • cercle de lecture vanier

    Les lundis, 26 février, 2024 - 24 juin, 2024
    19 h 00
    75 minutes

    5 sessions restantes

    La succursale Vanier de la Bibliothèque publique d’Ottawa invite les francophones et les francophiles de toutes générations à se joindre à un Cercle de Lecture. On y mettra l’accent sur les ouvrages écrits en français se rapportant à la francophonie canadienne. Chacune des personnes participantes aura le choix de présenter un livre de sa préférence, dans une atmosphère harmonieuse. Une animatrice en assurera le bon déroulement. Les rencontres du cercle auront lieu le dernier samedi de chaque mois (dès Octobre) de 19h à 20h15.

  • End table with book.

    Les lundis, 26 février, 2024 - 17 juin, 2024
    19 h 00
    90 minutes

    5 sessions restantes

    Partagez avec nous le plaisir des livres dans une ambiance détendue. Le 3e lundi soir de chaque mois. Bienvenue aux nouveaux venus.