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Join us for the ultimate roller coaster building challenge at the Hazeldean branch. Test your skills and compete against other teams to see who can...


Mercredi Jul 24, 2019 à 14h00

Be the next Canadian inventor. 8-12 Registration Required

Emerald Plaza

Mercredi Jul 24, 2019 à 14h30

Create and build with LEGO®. Participate in a building challenge. Family Program. July 6: Tower Challenge July 13: Animal Challenge July 20: Bridge Challenge July...

Emerald Plaza

Samedi Jul 27, 2019 à 14h30 / until 2019-08-10

Test your limits and find hidden talents. Ages 8-12.


Lundi Jul 29, 2019 à 14h30 / until 2019-08-12

Building Boom: show off your architectural creativity with Lego®.


Mardi Jul 30, 2019 à 15h00

Ozobot is a little toy robot that blends the physical and digital worlds — and teaches kids programming. ... Self-directed exploration in the branch. for ages 5-99


Mardi Jul 30, 2019 à 18h30

Come see Rubik Cube expert Ryan and his collection of cubes! Venez voir Ryan, expert Rubik Cube, et sa collection de cubes! PLUS Hands-on science...

Rockcliffe Park

Mercredi Jul 31, 2019 à 13h00

From gemstones to volcanoes, what can we learn from the earth? Ages 4-12. Registration recommended.


Mercredi Jul 31, 2019 à 13h30

Can taco sauce clean pennies? Do eggs really bounce? Join us for some whacky experiments that will amaze you. Ages 7-12. Please register.


Jeudi Aug 1, 2019 à 10h30

From fossils to worms, what can we discover underground? Ages 4-8. Registration recommended.


Mardi Aug 6, 2019 à 10h30