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Do you have questions about your baby? Want to know if your child is on track? Do you have questions about your child's growth and...


Mardi Nov 26, 2019 à 10h00 / jusqu'à 2020-01-28

Join us in our children's area to play and chat! For children of all ages and their parent/guardian. Drop-in program. Joignez-vous à nous au département...


Lundi Nov 25, 2019 à 10h15 / jusqu'à 2019-12-16

Banner for parenting programs
You never know what will Pop-Up on a Saturday at Centennial! It might be a craft cart or puzzles to solve. OR may-be Lego bulding...


Samedi Dec 14, 2019 à 10h30 / jusqu'à 2019-12-28