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En savoir plus sur l'utilisation de Zoom et l'inscription aux programmes virtuels.
  • Photo of Rob Malo
    With TiBert as your French-Métis guide, discover a new use for a snowshoe, learn to play jaw harp and join an interactive tale that will...

    Samedi Nov 27, 2021 à 12 h 30

  • Photo of Heather Whaley
    In this fun, highly musical storytelling session a city family gets comfortable living on their new farm - by singing with the animals! Ages 2-4...

    Samedi Nov 27, 2021 à 13 h 30

  • Join us online for live stories, songs and rhymes, for children ages 6 and under. Click on the green button below to launch the program...

    Mardi Nov 30, 2021 à 10 h 30 / jusqu'à 2021-12-14