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Whether you’re dreaming of becoming a professional disc jockey (DJ) or just want to share your passion for music with friends, this hands-on workshop will...


Samedi Nov 23, 2019 à 13h00

L’habitant voyageur Louis Mercier est un ambassadeur de la musique traditionnelle canadienne-française, rejoignez-le pour créer votre propre cuillère de bois pour ensuite apprendre à jouer...


Samedi Nov 30, 2019 à 10h30

Learn to access a wealth of information on the OPL's website including streaming music and videos, magazines and newspapers, video workshops, reference and reading materials,...


Mardi Dec 3, 2019 à 10h00

Join Fana Soro and learn traditional playing techniques of the djembé, West Africa's most popular drum. Fana will also share call and response songs in...


Samedi Dec 7, 2019 à 13h30

Alicia Borisonik will share with you her South American cultural background. Discover some unique musical instruments from around the world and explore the different ways...


Samedi Dec 14, 2019 à 10h30