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  • Canadian Film Day
    Mercredi Apr 19, 2023 à 14 h

    Elizabeth Alison Gray is an average 11-year-old girl in the suburbs waiting for adolescence to arrive when she finds out that her whole life has been a lie and runs away to find the truth. Starring Julia Sarah Stone and Gil Bellows.

    2010. 95 min. Not Rated (family-friendly). English.

  • Canadian Film Day
    Mercredi Apr 19, 2023 à 14 h

    Times get tough in Dog River, Saskatchewan when Mayor Fitzy (Cunningham) blows the town’s budget on a risky investment. With no electricity, no water and local businesses dropping like flies, the town’s residents have no choice but to pull together to keep their beloved hometown from going under.

    Suddenly, the normally apathetic Brent (Butt) is spurred into action, buying the shuttered town pub and entering Dog River into the “Quaintest Town in Canada” competition. With a chance to win $75,000, the townsfolk make one last rally to best their arch-rival town of Wullerton, head off big corporate investors and “quaintify” the town. Will their efforts be enough?

    Based on the Canadian Comedy Award–winning TV series — with all of your favourite characters returning for this big-screen reunion — the latest tale of Dog River is sure to charm, amuse and delight.

    2014. 95 min. Rated PG. English.

  • Canadian Film Day
    Mercredi Apr 19, 2023 à 15 h

    Life can feel like an endless uphill battle for families in the titular Toronto neighbourhood where addiction, poverty and job insecurity are common. Bing, Sylvie and Laura are three young children variously dealing with abuse and neglect, mental illness and precarious housing. But the friendship and stability formed through their participation in a local drop-in reading programme stands in contrast to the various struggles they experience in a system destined to fail them.

    Co-directors Shasha Nakhai and Rich Williamson’s documentary-like shooting style captures Scarborough and its residents with sensitive attention to detail that celebrates the bonds formed amid their diverse struggles. Adapted for the screen by Catherine Hernandez from her own hit novel, Scarborough is a profoundly humane and authentic portrait of a community, and the resilience of young people coming of age on the margins.   

    2021. 136 min. 14A.

  • Canadian Film Day
    Mercredi Apr 19, 2023 à 15 h 30

    Pendant un séjour sur un lac, deux amis d’enfance, Matthias (Gabriel D'Almeida Freitas) et Maxime (Xavier Dolan), accepte de jouer dans un court-métrage étudiant et doivent s’embrasser. Le baiser a un effet perturbant sur Matthias, qui a une copine de longue date, et le pousse à questionner sa propre sexualité. La confusion commence à imprégner sa vie, et Matthias doit accepter son identité avant de tout perdre.

    Le dernier film du cinéaste acclamé Xavier Dolan est un récit touchant sur la découverte de soi qui a été mis en nomination pour sept Prix Iris et a été nommé l’un des 10 meilleurs films canadiens de l’année du TIFF.

    2019. 119 min. Coté 14A. Français, anglais.

  • Canadian Film Day
    Mercredi Apr 19, 2023 à 16 h

    TBased on the true story behind author A.A. Milne's beloved character, Winnie the Pooh, this is a tale of the remarkable friendship between a Canadian soldier and the cub that stood as a symbol of friendship and hope in a world plagued by war.

    It was during the early days of World War I that veterinarian Lieutenant Harry Colebourn (Michael Fassbinder) purchased a small bear cub and named her Winnie after his hometown of Winnipeg. As the specter of war looms heavy in the conscience of the citizens and children of London, Winnie becomes the star attraction at the zoo. When a man named A.A. Milne brings his young son to visit the zoo, the story of the bear and her friendship with a far away soldier inspires him to create one of the most beloved characters in the history of children's literature.

    2004. 90 min. Not Rated (family-friendly). English.

  • Black Cop movie poster
    Mercredi Apr 19, 2023 à 16 h

    National Canadian Film Day (CanFilmDay) is a massive, coast-to-coast-to-coast salute to Canadian cinema!

    Launched in 2014, CanFilmDay has brought together hundreds of thousands of Canadians, to celebrate our stories and the incredible achievements of our filmmakers.

    Join us for a showing of Black Cop

    In a powerhouse lead performance, Ronnie Rowe Jr. plays the titular Halifax police officer in Black Cop. Frustrated with the community and the system he serves, this cop lashes out, using the badge to harass the privileged white citizens on his patrol.

    Flipping the script in ways both humorous and disturbing, Cory Bowles’ feature debut is a stylistically brazen and morally ambiguous exploration of race, power and policing.

    The film won 10 awards at film festivals around the world, and the John Dunning Discovery Award at the CSAs.

    2017. 91 min. Not Rated.

  • Spices
    Jeudi Apr 20, 2023 à 14 h

    Each month we'll feature a new spice and make it available in a small FREE take-home kit, which will include:

    a small sample of the spice, a brief history of the spice, recipes, and links to our library databases.

    Then join us for a Spice Club Chat!  We will be hosting an in branch chat every other month to discuss the spices, and to share your opinions, experiences and love (or not) of those spices.

    Spice kits will be available for pick up on the 1st Thursday of the Month.  

    Registration is required.

  • Sleuth Hounds
    Jeudi Apr 20, 2023 à 18 h 30

    Share the enjoyment of good mysteries in a relaxed atmosphere. Join us for our discussion on Andrew Cartmel's Vinyl Detective series. All are welcome!

  • Jeudi Apr 20, 2023 à 18 h 30

    Join us to discuss books from the science fiction and fantasy genres each month.  All are welcome.  Registrants are responsible for securing a copy of the book to read or listen to.

    This month's book is Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. 

    Please register one spot for each adult in attendance. Each registrant must have their own individual Library card in order to register. If you need a Library card get one here:

  • Vendredi Apr 21, 2023 à 13 h 30 / jusqu'à Vendredi 16 juin 2023

    Do you love browsing through cookbooks and trying new recipes?  Then come and meet with fellow food enthusiasts and put a cookbook to the test! Each month we will follow a theme and select cookbooks from that theme. We will then make recipes at home and share comments on the results with the group.