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  • Le lundi 23 octobre à 19 h
    60 minutes

    From the words of politicians to product advertisements, “evidence” is commonly cited as a way to justify actions and to persuade. Similarly, we often rely on the evidence available to us to make decisions in our daily lives. But how do we know what evidence is reliable when there is so much misinformation out there, or where to look when no evidence is provided? Join us for a conversation on how to better understand and engage with evidence, and why this is important for a healthy democracy.

    Evidence for Democracy is a grassroots organization built of a passionate group of individuals that believes in the power of evidence-informed decision making in Canada. Their vision is to strengthen government transparency and accountability by ensuring that scientific evidence is used in the decision-making process and openly communicated to the public.

    This event will also be streamed live on OPL's YouTube page:

  • Les vendredis, 1 décembre, 2023 - 21 décembre, 2023
    10 h 00
    660 minutes

    21 sessions restantes

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