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Certains programmes en succursale requièrent une inscription avec votre carte de bibliothèque. Veuillez-vous connecter avec votre compte de bibliothèque ou suivre ce lien pour demander une carte en ligne. Vous pouvez également demander une carte en personne dans l'une de nos 33 succursales.

  • Les jeudis, 29 février, 2024 - 28 mars, 2024
    18 h 30
    120 minutes

    2 sessions restantes

    Curious about Dungeons and Dragons? Give it a try with this one-session-long adventure for beginners! D&D is a popular fantasy role-playing game in which your characters explore, solve puzzles, and fight or outwit monsters. Learn the basic rules of this popular game as you undertake an adventure with fellow players!  This adventure uses pre-generated characters, so you must register at least 5 days ahead of time to bid of your preference of character and get your info sheet before game-day. Late registrants will be assigned a random character.

  • Le lundi 11 mars à 14 h
    60 minutes

    Get muddy with barnyard friends. Ages 4-6. Registration Required

  • Le mardi 12 mars à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    Let’s play make-believe. Ages 6 to 9. Registration required.

  • Le mardi 12 mars à 14 h
    60 minutes

    Let’s start at the beginning... Ages 10 to 12. Registration required.

  • Le mardi 12 mars à 18 h 30
    90 minutes

    Participez à des rencontres sociales pour discuter d’une grande variété de livres sélectionnés par les membres du club de lecture. Cette activité est ouverte à tous. Les personnes inscrites ont la responsabilité d’obtenir un exemplaire du livre à lire ou à écouter.

    Le livre du mois est Tout peut s'oublier par Olivier Adam.

  • Le mercredi 13 mars à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    From sprout to bloom. Ages 4 to 6. Registration required.

  • Children walking into a book.

    Le mercredi 13 mars à 14 h
    60 minutes

    Sorry this event is full

    For this program, Parrot Partners will bring at least 3 parrots, from different areas of the world, ranging in size from very small and ‘spunky’ to massive and ‘mellow.’  We introduce each parrot, one at a time, and share interesting and entertaining facts and stories about their natures and lives in the wild and in our homes.   Participants will be offered the opportunity to give our parrots a treat or drink from a safety cup or feeding skewer, as well as pose for photos with the parrots. Family program for ages 4+. 

    Parrot Partners is the only rehabilitation program for Parrots in Canada that combines professional training, education, and rehabilitation in the charitable service of relinquished and misunderstood parrots. 

  • Le jeudi 14 mars à 14 h
    60 minutes

    Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure into the world of comics? Get ready to unleash your imaginations and roll the dice to create your very own Comic book! Ages 7 to 9. Registration required.

  • 4 teens thinking about programs

    Le jeudi 14 mars à 14 h
    60 minutes

    In this mask-making workshop facilitated by Ottawa Art Therapy Inc, participants will take a creative journey to express and uncover the layers of their true self, what is important to them, and the parts of their world where they find connection. The participants will be working with a variety of materials, allowing a multi-media approach to their process. This dynamic workshop offers not only artistic fulfillment but also a deeper understanding of who they are and a time to tap into their inner artist and connect with others on a similar journey. Ages 13-18.

  • Children walking into a book.

    Le vendredi 15 mars à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    Learn beginner-level ukulele in a fun and engaging way with our resident musician, Amir. Take your first steps with the instrument, learn the chords, and even play your first songs! Instruments provided by the library. Ages 9-12.