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Waneek Horn-Miller is a bear clan Mohawk and mother of three. She feels particularly deeply at this time that she is lucky to have come...


Mardi Oct 6, 2020 à 19h00

Lower body mobility and strength are important to maintain our freedom. Join Cassie Love, an Essential Movement Specialist, to learn simple movements to integrate into...


Vendredi Oct 9, 2020 à 10h00

Joignez-vous à Karine Léveillé, entraîneure personnelle, qui offre en français, aux personnes de 55 ans et plus, la possibilité de s’entraîner pendant trente minutes dans le...

En ligne

Vendredi Oct 9, 2020 à 11h00

Having happy hips and a strong pelvic floor is a good way to move forward in life. Pelvic floor disorders affect almost 80% of women...


Vendredi Oct 16, 2020 à 10h00

Hands holding coffee cups

At a Death Cafe people, often strangers, gather to discuss death.  Our objective is to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people...


Vendredi Oct 16, 2020 à 12h30

Do you want to make your writing more effective?  Fictional technique is important for bringing your memoir or story to life for readers.  Join Moira...


Samedi Oct 17, 2020 à 10h00 / jusqu'à 2020-10-24

Tech Café Logo showing parts of computer keyboard, smart phone and camera

In this second presentation on using your Apple devices, Dave Rostenne and Tom Leroux, experts in Apple products, and organizers of the BYMUG, the Bytown...


Lundi Oct 19, 2020 à 10h00

Une conférence sur la motivation et le leadership. Bruny Surin nous raconte son parcours difficile et les sacrifices qu'il a dû effectuer afin de devenir...

Facebook Live

Mardi Oct 20, 2020 à 19h00

Do you find yourself losing balance and falling? Do you lean over? Join Cassie Love, Essential Movement Specialist to go over the muscles to strengthen...


Vendredi Oct 23, 2020 à 10h15