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Certains programmes en succursale requièrent une inscription avec votre carte de bibliothèque. Veuillez-vous connecter avec votre compte de bibliothèque ou suivre ce lien pour demander une carte en ligne. Vous pouvez également demander une carte en personne dans l'une de nos 33 succursales.

  • summer reading club images

    Le lundi 22 juillet à 14 h 30
    60 minutes

    Désolé, cet événement et sa liste d'attente sont complets.

    For this program, Parrot Partners will bring at least 3 parrots, from different areas of the world, ranging in size from very small and ‘spunky’ to massive and ‘mellow.’  We introduce each parrot, one at a time, and share interesting and entertaining facts and stories about their natures and lives in the wild and in our homes.   Participants will be offered the opportunity to give our parrots a treat or drink from a safety cup or feeding skewer, as well as pose for photos with the parrots. Family program for ages 4+. 

  • Le mardi 23 juillet à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    Stories, songs and rhymes for babies and parent or caregiver. Stay & Play afterwards for 30 minutes.  Ages 0-18 months.  

  • Knitting

    Les mardis, 23 juillet, 2024 - 27 août, 2024
    14 h 00
    120 minutes

    6 sessions restantes

    Do you like to knit, crochet, or do handwork of some sort? Please join like-minded individuals for an enjoyable afternoon of crafting. Bring any project that you are working on.  Drop In

  • Le mercredi 24 juillet à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    Take a step into the unknown..What will you discover?  For ages 8-12.  Please register on-line.

  • summer reading club images

    Le jeudi 25 juillet à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    Nothing can stop it! Get ready for galaxy slime!

    Drop-in program. Ages 7-9.

  • Le samedi 27 juillet à 10 h
    120 minutes

    Come craft at the library. We have all the supplies you need to satisfy your creativity! Please note, this is a self-directed program.

    Drop-in program. Family.

  • Le lundi 29 juillet à 14 h
    60 minutes

    Nothing can stop it! Dare to create something extraterrestrial...

    Registration required. Ages 7-9

  • Le mardi 30 juillet à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    How bright can you shine?  We will be talking about the stars in the sky and make a star craft.  For Ages 4-6.  DROP-IN.

  • Le mardi 30 juillet à 18 h
    90 minutes

    Hungry for good books?  Come to our "restaurant" and sample our best recommendations. Sit at our tables and we’ll serve you trays of books that you can sample. Look at their covers, read the blurbs, look through their first few pages and write down the name of the books that interest you. Enjoy the variety of books, watch book trailers, hear some short book talks, chat with other teens who enjoy reading and check out your favourite books to read this summer! 

    Registration required. Ages 13-17.

  • Le mercredi 31 juillet à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    Boldly go where no one has gone before.  In this session we will be learning all about astrounauts and how they live on the space stations with a craft.  For ages 8-12.  Please register on-line.