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  • TD Summer Reading Club
    Kathryn will guide participants through this multidisciplinary workshop, drawing correlations between music and painting. While listening to different atmospheric pieces played by Kathryn with her...


    Jeudi Jul 7, 2022 à 10 h 30

  • TD Summer Reading Club
    Construct-o-pedia!! From hovels to castles, place has always been important to tales. Build yours from straw, wood or brick. Ages 4-6. 45 min. Registration required...


    Jeudi Jul 7, 2022 à 14 h

  • A man with 2 children roasting marshmallows on a camp fire / Une famille rôtissant des guimauves
    Join Parka and the Learn-to Camp team as we embark on a camping adventure for kids ! With Parka as our guide, discover camping and...


    Jeudi Jul 7, 2022 à 14 h

  • Stories, rhymes and songs for babies and a parent or caregiver. 0-18 months. Please register online.


    Jeudi Jul 7, 2022 à 14 h

  • Two people dancing / Deux personnes dansant
    Participants will get lost in movement, while interacting, building self-esteem and expressing their creative minds! Limited only by their imaginations, participants will explore various ways...


    Jeudi Jul 7, 2022 à 14 h

  • TD Summer Reading Club with Cartoon Images
    Explore the wonderful world of the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood with crafts and activities. Ages 4-6

    Ruth E. Dickinson

    Jeudi Jul 7, 2022 à 14 h

    A look at storytelling in fables, folk tales and fairy tales, from old and new, from near to far. Ages 10 - 12.

    Nepean Centrepointe

    Jeudi Jul 7, 2022 à 14 h 30

  • Sticks, straw and bricks
    From the myths and legends of ancient civilizations to the modern superhero tales and fantasy tabletop roleplaying games, stories have something in common: a hero...

    Emerald Plaza

    Jeudi Jul 7, 2022 à 14 h 30

  • A teen sitting in front of a colourful corrugated wall / Un adolescent assis devant un mur ondulé
    Learn principles of design, illustration and visual storytelling through the creation of mixed-media collages. Work with paper, crayons and unexpected everyday objects to “construct” yourself...

    Jeudi Jul 7, 2022 à 15 h 30

  • Love to Read, Summer Book Club
    At last, the long lazy days of summer have arrived. If your perfect day includes reading a great book, join us! Discover something new and...

    Ruth E. Dickinson

    Jeudi Jul 7, 2022 à 18 h / jusqu'à Jeudi 28 juillet 2022