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What are the options, costs, and services available to you? This session will present housing options for seniors in Ottawa, explore costs and affordability, and...


Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 14h

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Many of us use free online services for communication, work and fun. In the wake of scores of recent data breeches and the Cambridge Analytica...


Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 18h30

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Join a member of the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre to learn and use embroidery skills with a large, safe needle to decorate a wall hanging...

Alta Vista

Vendredi 28 juin, 2019 à 14h

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Virtual Reality
Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality! Using Google Earth, we will explore famous sites around Canada, from Niagara Falls to the Rocky Mountains.


Samedi 29 juin, 2019 à 14h30

Do you like to knit, crochet, or do handwork of some sort? Please join like-minded individuals for an enjoyable afternoon of crafting. Bring any project...


Mardi 25 juin, 2019 à 14h30

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will introduce participants to proper use of the Imagine Space 3D printers and laser cutters. Certification is a basic introduction...

Nepean Centrepointe

Mardi 25 juin, 2019 à 15h30

Learn to play Dungeons and Dragons! We're playing using 5th Generation rules - no previous experience required. Games held at tables towards the back of...

Nepean Centrepointe

Mardi 25 juin, 2019 à 18h

Le groupe de conversation en français est un programme d'apprentissge de la langue avec un professeur et un mombre minime d'étudiants de même niveau. Les...


Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 13h30 / jusqu'à 18 décembre

Sign up to read to a Therapy Dog! The See Spot Read program with St. John Ambulance helps improve social and reading skills by engaging...

Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 14h30 / jusqu'à 19 août

You have attended the Imagine Space certification and you would like to try the laser cutter – Now What ? Bring along a USB and...

Nepean Centrepointe

Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 18h