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  • Fermeture: Succursale Centrale

    La succursale Centrale restera fermée le vendredi 28 février, le samedi 29 février et le dimanche 1 mars 2020 en raison de réparations urgentes. La succursale rouvrira le lundi 2 mars à 10 h. Les articles demandés et les prêts de la succursale seront prolongés.

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Explore, collaborate and enjoy science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Code with our robots, explore circuitry, particpate in building challenges and unleash your creativity. This...

Ruth E. Dickinson

Samedi Feb 29, 2020 à 15h00

Stories and activities designed for early learning. Exploring literacy, science and math through stories, music, art and play will help your child get ready for...

Ruth E. Dickinson

Mercredi Mar 4, 2020 à 14h00 / jusqu'à 2020-04-08

A fun program of discovery for preschoolers exploring elements of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through stories and hands-on inquiry-based activities.

Ruth E. Dickinson

Jeudi Mar 5, 2020 à 14h00 / jusqu'à 2020-03-12

A Dragon, a Prince and a Princess? Which favourite character will you be? Come dressed as your favourite character and retell the story with us!...


Samedi Mar 7, 2020 à 10h30

Every year, Carleton University students from the Ottawa chapter of the Society for Neuroscience give free and entertaining workshops on the wonders of the brain...


Mardi Mar 10, 2020 à 13h30

Take a walk around the world and meet new friends! Ages 4-6.

Nepean Centrepointe

Lundi Mar 16, 2020 à 10h30

You are trapped inside Harry Houdini’s magic parlor and there seems to be no way out. You and your team will have 20 minutes to...


Lundi Mar 16, 2020 à 13h00 / jusqu'à 2020-03-16

Where in the world are we? Où sommes-nous dans le monde? Ages 7-12. Pour les 7 à 12 ans.

Nepean Centrepointe

Lundi Mar 16, 2020 à 14h30

Explore fun games and sports from all 4 corners of the world. Registration with child's library card. Ages 4 - 8. Bilingual. Explore des jeux...


Mardi Mar 17, 2020 à 10h00

Ya gotta eat! Come prepare, eat and learn about different foods from around the world! Ages 4-10


Mardi Mar 17, 2020 à 10h30