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  • Fermeture : le jeudi 27 février 2020

    En raison de la tempête de neige, la BPO a ouvert à midi (12 h) le jeudi 27 février

    • Les articles réservés et les prêts seront prolongés jusqu’au samedi 29 février.
    • Les frais de demandes expirés seront annulés entre le jeudi 27 février et le samedi 29 février.
  • La succursale Centrale est fermée pour le reste de la soirée en raison d'une panne d'éléctricité.

Trouver un programme

We are starting a beginners knitting class at the Stittsville Branch. It will be held every second Monday through December. Anyone aged 18 and up...


Lundi Mar 2, 2020 à 18h30 / jusqu'à 2020-06-08

As the next step to creative writing, The Writers Discussion Group, is a forum for writers to share information on workshops, publishing, and meeting with...


Mardi Mar 3, 2020 à 18h30 / jusqu'à 2020-11-03

Le groupe de conversation en français est un programme d'apprentissge de la langue avec un professeur et un mombre minime d'étudiants de même niveau. Les...


Mercredi Mar 4, 2020 à 13h15 / jusqu'à 2021-01-27

Pollinators come in many shapes and sizes, and play an essential role in our food systems and ecosystems. Sadly, they face many threats, among them...


Mercredi Mar 4, 2020 à 18h30

If you enjoy writing, whether it is a little or a lot, the Stittsville Creative Writing Group meet on most Thursday evenings, from 6:45-8:15 p.m.


Jeudi Mar 5, 2020 à 18h30 / jusqu'à 2022-01-27

Radical Science invites you to come along on an insect safari where you will meet creepy crawlies from around the world and right here in...


Lundi Mar 16, 2020 à 13h30

Arts educator and performer Maria Saba will teach you basic movements found in Persian dance. With her help, you will create small pieces to perform...


Mardi Mar 17, 2020 à 10h30

Luv2Groove invites you to explore the world of dance. You will learn different steps and moves. Join the fun and express yourself with dance! Ages...


Mercredi Mar 18, 2020 à 13h30

Junior Avian Ambassador Presentation and activities about birds nests, and baby birds! Children will have the opportunity to learn about bird nests and what it...


Jeudi Mar 19, 2020 à 10h30

The Stittsville Libary Book Club meet on the third Monday of most months. Registration is dependent upon a vacancy in membership. The 2020 reading list includes works of fiction and non-fiction as follows: I am a Truck / Michelle Winters (January 20th); Ladies Upstairs - my life in politics / Monique Begin (February 24th); Strangers with the Same Dream / Alison Pick ( March); Last Train to London / Meg Waite Clayton (April 20th); The Tea girl of Hummingbird Lane / Lisa See (May 25th); Becoming / Michelle OBama (June 15th); Educated - a memoir / Tara Westover (July 20th); Lives of the Family - stories of fate and circumstance / Denise Chong (August 17th); The Dust that Falls from Dreams / Louis DeBerieres (September 21st); Original Highways - travelling the great rivers of Canada / Roy MacGregor (October 19th); The Old Man / Thomas Perry (November 16th); The Spy and the Traitor - the greatest espionage story of the Cold War / Ben Macintyre (December 14th)


Lundi Mar 23, 2020 à 14h30 / jusqu'à 2020-12-14