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Join us for a Super Saturday filled with holiday songs, stories and crafts! Ages 4-8.


Samedi Dec 21, 2019 à 14h30

Think about everything that is on your computer; videos of the grandkids playing in a park, photos of your trip to Patagonia (lucky you!), tax...


Lundi Dec 23, 2019 à 18h00

Did you ever wonder how your computer communicates with servers on the Internet? Chris Taylor, President of the Ottawa PC Users' Group and Microsoft Most...


Lundi Dec 30, 2019 à 18h00

A New Year's event for the whole family. Ring in 2020 early (at noon)! Join us for games, activities, snacks and a countdown to the...


Mardi Dec 31, 2019 à 11h30

Building Boom: show off your architectural creativity with Lego. Ages 6-12.


Vendredi Jan 3, 2020 à 14h00

Lace up your sneakers and join us for a walk around the neighbourhood ! A great chance to meet new people and get some fresh...


Vendredi Apr 24, 2020 à 10h30 / jusqu'à 2020-06-19