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Participants will learn how to create a simple game using the program Scratch and simple coding concepts. Ages 8-12. Registration required.


Samedi Sep 21, 2019 à 13h30

Want to read to a St.John's Ambulance Therapy Dog? Come in and sit down for a 15 minute session with one of their amazing, gentle...


Mercredi Sep 25, 2019 à 16h00 / until 2019-12-11

Come in and see what we are doing! It could be crafts, board games, or technology. Come in and check out the fun.


Samedi Oct 12, 2019 à 10h30 / until 2019-11-23

Join Tecla Kalinda of ZalaSmart for FUN activities learning about money. Children will understand what money is, and learn about Canadian money. They will also...


Samedi Nov 9, 2019 à 10h30