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What are the options, costs, and services available to you? This session will present housing options for seniors in Ottawa, explore costs and affordability, and...


Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 14h

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Many of us use free online services for communication, work and fun. In the wake of scores of recent data breeches and the Cambridge Analytica...


Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 18h30

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Local musicians Colores Andinos give a lively and authentic performance featuring more than 20 instruments including bamboo flutes, string and percussion instruments from modern and...


Jeudi 27 juin, 2019 à 12h

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Join a member of the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre to learn and use embroidery skills with a large, safe needle to decorate a wall hanging...

Alta Vista

Vendredi 28 juin, 2019 à 14h

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Join Kahmaria Pingue and her drummer accompanist "Under the Palm Tree" as they make African and Caribbean stories come alive with songs, dance, and drumming...


Samedi 29 juin, 2019 à 10h30

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Virtual Reality
Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality! Using Google Earth, we will explore famous sites around Canada, from Niagara Falls to the Rocky Mountains.


Samedi 29 juin, 2019 à 14h30

Stories, songs and rhymes for children of all ages and a parent or caregiver.


Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 09h30

Speak to a Public Health Nurse about parenting. Meet and socialize with other new parents. Wednesdays, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 10h / jusqu'à 31 juillet

Join other seniors in your community to participate in this accessible dance program that will get you moving! With the goal of providing the highest...


Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 10h

Volunteers will help you learn and practice English in a relaxed and friendly environment! All families or individuals are welcome. / Recevez de l'aide à...


Mercredi 26 juin, 2019 à 10h15