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  • Le samedi 10 juin à 13 h
    120 minutes

    WWKIP Day happens every year on the second Saturday in June. Join this global event alongside fellow

    Please note: This event will be held outside but in case of inclement weather, the program will be moved inside.

  • earth with knitting needles

    Le samedi 10 juin à 14 h
    120 minutes

    La journée MDTEP est célébrée annuellement le deuxième samedi du mois de juin. Joignez-vous à d'autres tricoteurs lors de cet événement mondial  à une des succursales suivantes :​

    CUMBERLAND: 14 h à 16 h, 1599, ch. Tenth Line, sous les arbres près de l'entrée du personnel​

    HAZELDEAN: 13 h à 15 h​, 50, ch. Castlefrank, près du grand arbre sur le terrain de la succursale​

    MANOTICK: 10 h à 12 h​, 1125, ruelle Clapp, dans le parc du Souvenir​

    GLOUCESTER NORD: 14 h à 16 h​, 2036, ch. Ogilvie, en avant de la succursale​

    GOWER NORD: 10 h à 12 h​, 6579, ch. 4th Line, dans la succursale​

    ST-LAURENT: 11 h 30 à 13 h 30​, 515, rue Coté, dans le parc à côté de la succursale​

    **En cas de mauvais temps, les programmes se dérouleront dans les succursales**​

    WWKIP Day happens every year on the second Saturday in June. Join this global event alongside fellow knitters at one of the following participating branches:​

    CUMBERLAND: 2 – 4 pm, 1599 Tenth Line Rd., under the trees near the staff entrance​

    HAZELDEAN: 1 – 3 pm​, 50 Castlefrank Rd., near the large tree outside the library​

    MANOTICK: 10 am – 12 pm​, 1125 Clapp Ln., in Remembrance Park​

    NORTH GLOUCESTER: 2 – 4 pm​, 2036 Ogilvie Rd., in front of the branch​

    NORTH GOWER: 10 am – 12 pm​, 6579 4th Line Rd., inside the branch​

    ST-LAURENT: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm, 515 Coté St., in the park next to the branch​

    **All branches will move the program inside in the case of inclement weather**​

  • Barrhaven Knitting Group

    Les lundis, 12 juin, 2023 - 26 juin, 2023
    13 h 30
    150 minutes

    3 sessions restantes

    Come join our group of experienced knitters. We make substantial donations of knitted materials each year to Ottawa's premature babies and adults in need. You can choose to knit for charity or for yourself while making new friends and getting new project ideas. A fun time for all!

  • Le mardi 13 juin à 14 h
    60 minutes

    Join us for an afternoon of crafting!  Participants will paint quirky watercolours that can be used to create greeting cards.  All materials will be provided.

  • Le mardi 13 juin à 15 h
    120 minutes

    The Granny Squares for Warmth (GSFW) group was created in November 2020 as a Barrhaven-based group with a mission to create and donate hand-made blankets in the Ottawa area. ​

    Group members arrange for donations of yarn, crochet or knit granny squares, join the squares into lap blankets, baby blankets or single bed blankets and donate the blankets to organizations such as long-term care homes, women’s shelters, homeless shelters, maternity wards and more. ​

    In addition to blankets, members have also made and donated shawls, hats, and baby wear. ​

    Join us to crochet and join granny squares, to share and learn crochet stitches and techniques and to build a sense of community by making blankets for those in need. Everyone is welcome!

  • Le jeudi 15 juin à 15 h
    60 minutes

    Join us for an afternoon of crafting!  Participants will paint quirky watercolours that can be used to create greeting cards.  All materials will be provided.

  • Web banner for hobbies and crafts

    Les jeudis, 15 juin, 2023 - 24 août, 2023
    19 h 00
    60 minutes

    6 sessions restantes

    If you are a knitter, a crocheter or a crafter, come and join us at Hazeldean Stitches. Share your ideas and projects with other yarn artists. All ages welcome! 

  • Web banner for hobbies and crafts

    Le samedi 17 juin à 14 h 30
    90 minutes

    Create a Group of Seven inspired masterpiece using watercolors & acrylics.

  • Le mardi 20 juin à 15 h
    60 minutes

    Coloring can have a calming effect on the mind and promote overall wellness.

    Join us the third Tuesday of the month for a fun and relaxing session of adult coloring.  An opportunity to let your inner artist free and be a kid again!

    All supplies are provided.  No experience required.  All you need to bring is your creativity!

  • Web banner for hobbies and crafts

    Le mardi 20 juin à 18 h
    60 minutes

    Adults are invited to get creative and make a no-pressure, awful piece of art. All supplies will be provided. We will put out random art supplies; what you make is entirely up to you! Make it as bizarre and ridiculous as you wish. At the end of the night, you will get to judge your fellow artists’ work and decide which is the worst!