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This special conversation circle for English language learners brings adults over 50 together to socialize and practice English in a friendly, relaxed setting. In partnership...

Emerald Plaza

Mercredi Oct 30, 2019 à 10h15 / jusqu'à 2019-12-11

Drop by the Orléans branch every Wednesday afternoon. The Library`s knitting club is the perfect place to knit, relax and meet fellow knitters. Beginners, novices...


Mercredi Oct 30, 2019 à 13h00 / jusqu'à 2020-06-24

Drop in and practice your English through social conversation and fun group activities. All languages and cultural backgrounds welcome.


Mercredi Oct 30, 2019 à 13h00 / jusqu'à 2020-05-27

Sharing, in community, our experiences, knowledge, reflections and ideas about life in Canada and our situation in the larger world - past, present and future.


Mercredi Oct 30, 2019 à 14h00 / jusqu'à 2020-06-17

Teen Volunteers share their Tech knowledge with older Adults in a two-on-one setting. Areas of technology help include the following: Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook ,...


Mercredi Oct 30, 2019 à 16h00 / jusqu'à 2020-05-13

Drop-in to Munster's Knitting Club! Meet fellow knitters in a relaxed atmoshpere


Mercredi Oct 23, 2019 à 18h30 / jusqu'à 2019-12-18

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Cloud, PayPal, loyalty schemes, on-line dating profiles etc. What happens to these accounts/assets when you pass away? Join Diana Tebby, a...


Mercredi Oct 23, 2019 à 18h30

Aging by the book web banner
Be part of a group that meets weekly for six weeks to explore the older adult experience as portrayed in a wide range of written...

Alta Vista

Jeudi Oct 24, 2019 à 10h15

Woman talking with others.
Each Thursday, newcomers (and also those with their permanent residency) can come and sit together to practice their English. There will be volunteers present to...


Jeudi Oct 24, 2019 à 13h00 / jusqu'à 2019-12-19

Learn about how to apply for a Visitor Visa, how to prepare documents, and how to extend your stay in Canada. Offered in partnership with...

Ruth E. Dickinson

Jeudi Oct 24, 2019 à 14h30