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Drop in preschool fun! Play with puppets, crafts, building blocks, and more! / Un programme porte-ouverte pour les enfants d'âge préscolaire! Jouez avec des marionnettes...


Mercredi 3 juillet, 2019 à 10h / jusqu'à 28 août

Do you know what makes a good pet? What is a responsible pet owner? Come learn with The Zoo Crew and their special animal friends!...


Lundi 8 juillet, 2019 à 10h30

Join artist Wendy Quirt and learn how to draw an animal using step-by-step instructions while discovering fun facts about animals. You will learn how to...


Jeudi 25 juillet, 2019 à 14h

Come learn about an important part of a spy’s world: camouflage! Learn all about what it takes to blend into any situation, what you need...


Mercredi 31 juillet, 2019 à 14h