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Certains programmes en succursale requièrent une inscription avec votre carte de bibliothèque. Veuillez-vous connecter avec votre compte de bibliothèque ou suivre ce lien pour demander une carte en ligne. Vous pouvez également demander une carte en personne dans l'une de nos 33 succursales.

  • A keyboard with letters spelling Pen & Paper Writers' Workshop

    Les mardis, 16 juillet, 2024 - 17 décembre, 2024
    18 h 00
    120 minutes

    23 sessions restantes

    Get feedback on your writing (any genre) and ideas from the group. Hear the work of other writers and offer your feedback. Discuss issues about writing and publishing. Share your triumphs, trials and tribulations with a supportive, informal group.  "Pen and Paper" is just a name.  Bring any medium you want. 

  • Le jeudi 18 juillet à 13 h 45
    60 minutes

    Explore space rocks, goo and other icky stuff. 

    Registration required. Ages 4-6.

    July 18th at 1:30pm

    This program will also be offered at the North Gloucester branch on July 15th.


    Viens découvrir des roches venues d’espace, de la matière gluante et d’autres trucs dégueu. 

    Inscription requise. Pour les 4 à 6 ans.

    Le 18 juillet à 13h30

    Ce programme sera aussi offert à la succursale de Gloucester Nord le 15 juillet

  • Les jeudis, 18 juillet, 2024 - 15 août, 2024
    15 h 00
    120 minutes

    3 sessions restantes

    Come engage in creative writing or academic writing!

    Each session starts with a 20-minute writing period, followed by a peer feedback session.

    You will need to bring the writing instruments of your choice (computer or pen and paper) so that we can write together.

    Registration is required for this program series

  • Les jeudis, 18 juillet, 2024 - 19 décembre, 2024
    18 h 30
    90 minutes

    23 sessions restantes

    Désolé, cet événement et sa liste d'attente sont complets.

    Do you love to write? Is writing the air you breathe, or is there ink in your veins?

    The Stittsville Creative Writing Group is a collection of people who love to write.

    We meet weekly to read from text we have written on our own time during the previous week, and engage in other writing activities.

    This is not a class on writing, or a workshop for manuscripts. Instead, we are people who love to write and share our works. 

    There are those who mostly listen rather than write, those who write prolifically but only share with the group, and a broad spectrum in between.

    If your interest is in the love of writing, this group may be for you.

  • Les lundis, 22 juillet, 2024 - 26 août, 2024
    14 h 00
    120 minutes

    3 sessions restantes

    On the second and fourth Mondays of each month, this event provides an opportunity for local authors and others who enjoy good writing to discuss writing of all types (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, dramatic scripts, graphic novels, etc.) Members will have the opportunity to share their writing and exchange useful feedback. Possible discussion may also include ideas related to publishing written work.

  • Three illustrated children and a robot read or listen to books in different formats.

    Le mardi 23 juillet à 14 h 30
    60 minutes

    Take a step into the unknown...what will you discover? Drop-in program. Ages 10+ (teens welcome!). We will be making blackout poetry and fanzines! Come give old book pages new life by using them as canvases to illustrate your own poems or short stories. Alternatively, remix characters and worlds you already know and love into new stories, using drawing and collage techniques to make your own fan comicbook or fanfic booklet. End the activity by making photocopies of your work to swap with other participants or share with friends (up to 5 free photocopies per participant).

    Pars à la découverte de l’inconnu… Quelles découvertes t’attendent? Programme portes ouvertes. Pour les 10 ans et plus (ados inclus!). Nous allons créer de la poésie par soustraction (blackout poetry) et des fanzines! Venez donner nouvelle vie à des pages de vieux livres en les transformant en toile pour vos propres poèmes ou histoires courtes illustrées. Ou bien remixez des histoires et personnages que vous aimez déjà dans de nouvelles histoires, en utilisant des techniques de dessin et de collage pour créer votre propre bande-dessinée ou livret de fanfic. À la fin de l’activité, chaque participant aura l’opportunité de faire des photocopies de son œuvre pour l’échanger avec les autres participants ou la partager avec des amis (maximum de 5 photocopies gratuites par participant).

  • Les mercredis, 24 juillet, 2024 - 18 septembre, 2024
    18 h 30
    60 minutes

    5 sessions restantes

    Get feedback on your writing (any genre) and ideas from the group. Hear the work of other writers and offer your feedback. Discuss issues about writing and publishing. Share your triumphs, trials and tribulations with a supportive, informal group. 

  • Alien reading a map beside their spaceship.

    Le jeudi 1 août à 14 h 30
    60 minutes

    Take a step into the unknown...what will you discover? Registration required. Ages 10-12.

    We will be writing a sci-fi story as a group, and then creating a space-themed bookmark to bring home!

    Register to reserve a spot. Drop-ins will be welcome on the day as space allows.

    This program will also be offered in French at the North Gloucester branch on August 20.

    Ce programme sera aussi offert en français à la succursale North Gloucester le 20 août.

  • nanowrimo logo

    Les samedis, 3 août, 2024 - 1 septembre, 2024
    13 h 00
    210 minutes

    2 sessions restantes

    The Ottawa Municipal Liaisons of NaNoWriMo would like to invite you to join them for a monthly recurring write-in to help you keep up your writing habits during the months that are not November.

    Bring your pen, paper, laptop, ideas, write besides other writers and participate in challenges! 

  • Le jeudi 8 août à 14 h
    90 minutes

    The world is on fire and nothing is okay. What does this feel like? There are a lot of standard names for what we feel when we think about global warming, wide-spread extinction of ordinary and extraordinary creatures, and, well, [gestures generally]: Anxiety, grief, anger, fear, blankness. Sometimes the way we talk about feelings shapes what they are, and so it matters what words we have. We might not have all the words we need to understand the experience of climate crisis. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll discuss some theories about emotions and expression, why writing is a good way to explore feelings we don’t have a name for, and how to practice finding our “outlaw emotions” about big problems.

    Alexis Shotwell is a Professor in Sociology at Carleton University. Her work focuses on complexity, complicity, and collective transformation. A professor at Carleton University, on unceded Algonquin land, she is the co-investigator for the AIDS Activist History Project (, and the author of Knowing Otherwise: Race, Gender, and Implicit Understanding and Against Purity: Living Ethically in Compromised Times. She is a nerd who loves science fiction, makes functional pottery in her spare time, bikes all winter, and owns a banjo.


    For ages 13-18. Registration required. Registrants will receive an additional email with the Zoom link ahead of the program.