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Certains programmes en succursale requièrent une inscription avec votre carte de bibliothèque. Veuillez-vous connecter avec votre compte de bibliothèque ou suivre ce lien pour demander une carte en ligne. Vous pouvez également demander une carte en personne dans l'une de nos 33 succursales.

  • Le lundi 8 juillet à 10 h
    120 minutes

    Join us to play and chat. There will be self-directed activities and toys for parents, caregivers and young children. Drop-in program. Family.

  • Le mardi 9 juillet à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    Who knows where your creation will take you.  In this session we will be using chalk to create your own Aurora Borealis art.

    For ages 7-12. Please register on-line.

  • Les mardis, 9 juillet, 2024 - 13 août, 2024
    17 h 30
    150 minutes

    2 sessions restantes

    Bring your friends & family in for exciting card & board games! We have many to choose from including Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo, Dutch Blitz, Bananagrams, Scrabble, Monopoly, Checkers, Chess, & more! You are also welcome to bring your own games. 

    Second Tuesday evening of each month


  • Le mercredi 10 juillet à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    Listen and move to the music of the stars.  We will be moving to music with scarves, ribbons and more.  For ages 6-12.  Please register on-line.

  • Le jeudi 11 juillet à 10 h 30
    45 minutes

    Let’s tell a story about outer space, followed by a craft!

    Drop-in program. Ages 4-6.

  • summer reading club images

    Le jeudi 11 juillet à 14 h
    45 minutes

    In this highly energetic and interactive dance workshop, participants will explore simple, fun, and easy dance moves that everyone can follow in a safe and inclusive environment. Get ready to get lost in the music and GROOVE your heart out! Family program for ages 4+.

  • Le vendredi 12 juillet à 13 h
    180 minutes

    Create and build with Lego®! Drop-in program. Drop-In.  For ages 4+

  • NFB logo

    Le lundi 15 juillet à 14 h 30
    75 minutes

    An accomplished artist, a lifelong performer and a person with Down syndrome, Niall McNeil has built a unique family tree of blood and chosen relations made up of his closest friends and collaborators. In Lay Down Your Heart, Niall introduces his “family members,” his multiple “children” (some twice his age!), his renowned “ex-wife” and director of the film Marie Clements, and more. Bonded together by shared creative passion and their relationships with Niall, his family includes some of Canada’s most outstanding theatrical and artistic talent. By exploring his unconventional family histories—sometimes factual, sometimes infused with fantasy, but always deeply felt—Niall’s limitless imagination drives him toward the heart of human connection. 

    2022, 70 min, English with French subtitles. 

    Brought to you by the National Film Board of Canada. 

  • Le mardi 16 juillet à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    Embark on a space adventure!  We will be looking for new worlds and doing a craft. For ages 7-12. Please register on-line.

  • Le mercredi 17 juillet à 10 h 30
    60 minutes

    Stories, songs and rhymes for toddlers and their parent or caregiver with Stay & Play for 30 minutes afterwards.          For ages 19-35 months.