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An opportunity for writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and experimental forms to gather. Our emphasis will be on developing works-in-progress for publication. The workshop will...


Lundi 22 juillet, 2019 à 18h30 / jusqu'à 26 août

Have you always wanted to learn to knit or improve your needlework skills? Come to Sunnyside, bring your knitting needles and yarn. Beginners can knit...


Mercredi 24 juillet, 2019 à 11h30 / jusqu'à 28 août

Sharing, in community, our experiences, knowledge, reflections and ideas about life in Canada and our situation in the larger world, past, present and future.


Mercredi 11 septembre, 2019 à 14h / jusqu'à 17 juin

Faculty of Engineering & Design professors will be sharing their research with you. (Each session is a new and fascinating subject.)


Mercredi 11 septembre, 2019 à 18h30 / jusqu'à 6 novembre

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Cloud, PayPal, loyalty schemes, on-line dating profiles etc. What happens to these accounts/assets when you pass away? Join Diana Tebby, a...


Jeudi 14 novembre, 2019 à 18h30