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Do you have questions about your baby? Want to know if your child is on track? Do you have questions about your child's growth and...


Mardi 25 juin, 2019 à 10h

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Come get a professional henna design! The Henna Lady team of Ottawa use only 100% natural henna and an ancient recipe. This temporary body art...


Mardi 25 juin, 2019 à 18h

Programme en vedette :
Join Kahmaria Pingue and her drummer accompanist "Under the Palm Tree" as they make African and Caribbean stories come alive with songs, dance, and drumming...


Samedi 29 juin, 2019 à 10h30

Join us weekly to discuss computer related issues in a friendly, relaxed setting. All levels welcome. (Drop-in).

Emerald Plaza

Lundi 12 août, 2019 à 10h30 / jusqu'à 16 décembre

Stories, rhymes and songs for children of all ages and a parent or caregiver.


Lundi 8 juillet, 2019 à 10h30 / jusqu'à 26 août

This bi-weekly event provides an opportunity for local writers, and others who enjoy good writing, to discuss writing of all types (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, dramatic...


Lundi 24 juin, 2019 à 14h30

Practice your English language conversation skills and meet new friends in a relaxed and friendly environment. Offered in partnership with Frontier College. / Améliorez votre...


Lundi 24 juin, 2019 à 17h

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The Urban Legends Poetry Collective proudly presents the Youth Speak Mentorship Program. This program is intended for students below the age of 19 to have...


Lundi 24 juin, 2019 à 17h / jusqu'à 22 juin

If you stay here past dark, some dangerous monsters may come out...but if you have a brave heart and open imagination, you can join a...


Lundi 24 juin, 2019 à 18h / jusqu'à 30 décembre

Ages 16 and up. Come and join us at the Beaverbrook Branch with your knitting and crochet projects. Share advice, ideas, and conversation with other crafters.


Lundi 24 juin, 2019 à 18h45 / jusqu'à 16 décembre