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Venez rencontrer Margaret Michèle Cook, nommée poète officielle de la Ville d’Ottawa. Margaret Michèle Cook a publié cinq recueils de poésie aux Éditions du Nordir,...

Bistro Marcil Lavallée - La Nouvelle Scène, 333 Avenue King Edward

Mardi Oct 15, 2019 à 17h00

Programme en vedette :
Web banner for Aging Well Together
Through a variety of art mediums, art therapists encourage creativity, help process trauma, and use art, music, and movement for the purposes of grounding, decreasing...

Elmvale Acres

Jeudi Oct 17, 2019 à 10h30

This seven week workshop designed for those aged 50+ introduces the participant to computers, a computer mouse, some basic text processing, saving and organizing files,...


Mardi Oct 15, 2019 à 10h00 / jusqu'à 2019-11-26

Aging by the book web banner
Be part of a group that meets weekly for six weeks to explore the older adult experience as portrayed in a wide range of written...


Mardi Oct 15, 2019 à 14h30 / jusqu'à 2019-11-19

Find out about: Home support Programs for seniors and Adults with a physical disability Services include: Transportation, grocery bus, friendly visitors, handy helpers, home making...


Mardi Oct 15, 2019 à 14h30

Web banner for Aging Well Together
Have you been curious about aging, housing and future care? Have your family and friends recently started talking to you about seniors housing options? Do...

Gloucester Nord

Mardi Oct 15, 2019 à 15h30

Teen volunteers are available to teach you about social media. Learn and add to your technological skills by teaming up with a teen.


Mardi Oct 15, 2019 à 16h00 / jusqu'à 2019-10-22

Join us for a 3-week program where participants will learn the basics of knitting. By the end of three weeks, participants will make a simple...


Mardi Oct 15, 2019 à 18h30 / jusqu'à 2019-10-29

Join the Council on Aging in Ottawa for this interactive discussion. We will define social isolation and loneliness identify the benefits of social connections explore...


Mercredi Oct 16, 2019 à 14h00

Two older adults holding hands.
In this social awareness session, the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre’s Elder Abuse Response & Referral Service (EARRS) will share: How to recognize...


Mercredi Oct 16, 2019 à 14h30