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No nation today is likely to enjoy peace and prosperity without continuing informal conversation in community among its participants. In this program we continue the...


Mercredi 22 mai, 2019 à 14h / jusqu'à 12 juin

Join us Wednesday evenings to learn a few words in Arabic while discussing Arabic culture and customs throughout the Middle East. Get a taste of...


Mercredi 22 mai, 2019 à 16h / jusqu'à 19 juin

Conversations about rethinking our situation.


Jeudi 23 mai, 2019 à 14h / jusqu'à 13 juin

Informal drop-in sessions on a diverse range of topics.


Samedi 25 mai, 2019 à 10h / jusqu'à 15 juin

Come join us for an evening with academic scholars from Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania to learn about climate change and societal impacts with an African...


Mercredi 12 juin, 2019 à 18h

Faculty of Engineering & Design professors will be sharing their research with you. (Each session is a new and fascinating subject.)


Mercredi 11 septembre, 2019 à 18h30 / jusqu'à 6 novembre