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Have you and/or your family been impacted financially by Covid-19? Are you worried that your income may be impacted in the near future? Worrying about...


Jeudi Nov 5, 2020 à 13h00

Learn about income security programs.  

  • What is “low-income”?
  • What do seniors get in Ontario?
  • How do you reduce taxable income or get money
  • ...


Jeudi Nov 12, 2020 à 13h00

November is the Ontario Bar Association's Make a Will Month.  Learn about the importance of having a will and powers of attorney for you and...


Jeudi Nov 19, 2020 à 13h00

Hands holding coffee cups

At a Death Cafe people, often strangers, gather to discuss death.  Our objective is to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people...


Vendredi Nov 20, 2020 à 12h30

Comment tirer le meilleur parti des programmes de sécurité du revenu
Qu’obtiennent les aînés en Ontario?
Que signifie « à faible revenu »?

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Jeudi Nov 26, 2020 à 13h00