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  • Lundi May 29, 2023 à 09 h 30

    Stories, rhymes, and songs for preschool children and a parent/caregiver.

  • Map Poland, Gulag tower and fence in winter, Tengeru camp
    Mardi May 30, 2023 à 18 h 30

    Join us a Rockcliffe Park Branch for this inagural presenation: From the Snows of Siberia to the Snows of Kilimanjaro: A children’s odyssey from Russian captivity to a variety of countries, cultures and, in each, unexpected acts of strangers.  

    Writer Irene Tomaszewski will talk about a group of refugees whose harrowing journey took them across four continents and two oceans -- but decades later they remembered their refugee camps fondly and even had reunions.  She will talk about her own family in that thread of history and also the unusual constellation of places and personalities that made this happen -  and the politics that kept it from being known.  

    Irene TomaszewskiAbout Irene

    Irene Tomaszewski, an Ottawa resident, was born in a gulag in northern Russia (then USSR), spent her childhood in a refugee camp in Tengeru, Tanzania and came to Canada in 1949.  A graduate in history at Concordia University in Montreal, Irene has written two books on Polish history, many articles and reviews in Canadian newspapers, and was editor of, an online magazine about things Polish. She is the co-founder and organizer of the international symposium on Polish studies, history and literature called “Poland in the Rockies”.  

  • Open book
    Mardi Jun 6, 2023 à 13 h 30

    Share the enjoyment of good books in a relaxed atmosphere.

    This group meets every first Tuesday of the month until next June 2023. 

    October 4th was our very first meeting and here is the list of books that will be discussed at subsequent meetings.  Click each book titles below to place a hold.

    May and June picks to be discussed.

    This is a drop in program.  No registration required.

  • Harp guitar head shots of Susan Toman and Andrew Mah
    Jeudi Jun 15, 2023 à 18 h 30

    Join us at Rockcliffe Park branch for an evening of unique artistry, featuring two local musicians of international caliber!  A newly formed ensemble, Susan Toman and Andrew Mah present a concert on Celtic harp and guitar, with composers from the 17th and 18th centuries. Music by O’Carolan, Connellan, Playford, Purcell, and more. Don't miss a rare opportunity to enjoy this beautiful and seldom heard instrumental combination!  

    English.  Drop-in. All ages.  

    Susan Toman

    Susan decide to take up the Celtic harp, fueled by a love of Irish & Scottish music. Having briefly studied harp basics with Annabelle Renzo in Montreal, she decided to immerse herself in Irish culture and tradition by learning from an Irish master of the harp. After intensive studies with Grainne Hambly in County Mayo, Ireland (and inspired by many castles!), Susan returned to Canada and prepared to record her first solo harp album (Emerald Shores), publishing her arrangements in her book "Dance Tunes & Airs." Since then she has recorded a solo Christmas album (Angels on High), and an album of Irish and Scottish traditional 
    ​music with singer Ellen MacIsaac.  

    Andrew Mah

    Canadian guitarist Andrew Mah is a unique and exciting musician, widely regarded for his virtuosity, versatility, and heartfelt musicality. 

    Born in Ottawa into a family of guitarists, he has performed professionally on classical guitar for more than 26 years,  carving out a uniquely eclectic international career as a solo concert artist, chamber musician, teacher, arranger, producer, and adjudicator. 

    Having concertized throughout Canada, the US,  and Europe,  he was the first North American ever to tour in the Republic of Cape Verde.  

    Adjunct to his performing career, he has been active in a presenting capacity as former President of the Ottawa Guitar Society, and is often sought out for his expertise in the arrangement and notation of music from other cultures and styles into readable scores for classical musicians.  

    His long term project to record J.S Bach's entire catalog of solo music for lute, violin, and cello is currently underway. 

    For more information please visit  

  • children playing with craft materials
    Jeudi Jul 6, 2023 à 14 h

    Join us at Rockcliffe Park for our art alien-building workshop where you will build space creatures from sticks and stones and other fun stuff!

    We will photograph your work and post it on our board!

    English event.  Space is limited, registration required. Ages 6-10.

    Make big things out of little things.  

  • a girl is reading a science book
    Mardi Jul 18, 2023 à 14 h

    L'inscription débute Le Lundi 12 juin 2023 - 10h00

    Discover what happens when science meets art! Explore perception as you use shadows, colour, motion, and light to create art from science. You’ll make a puppet, a spinning top and a kaleidoscope, as well as design your own galaxy. As Albert Einstein said: “The greatest scientists are always artists as well!”

    Come join us for this hybrid program (in-person with presenter online) with our partner, Scientists in School! Ages 8-12.

  • Creatures playing musical instruments and a swimming turtle holding a camera.
    Jeudi Jul 27, 2023 à 14 h

    L'inscription débute Le Lundi 12 juin 2023 - 9h00

    Join us at Rockcliffe Park in this workshop with Dave Chisholm to learn about the planets, the constellations, meteors, meteorites and craters.  Participants will be able to hold a rock from space, use a star finder and make their own craters using flour (moon dust) and marbles (meteorites).  The session ends with a walk through the night sky using planetarium software (Stellarium).

    Dave is an amateur astronomer and is currently the President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Ottawa Centre.  He has been active in astronomy for the last 15 years.  When he is not doing astronomy he teaches first aid and volunteers with the Scouts.

    English event.  Space is limited, registration required. Ages 5-7 years.

    See the world through new eyes.

  • Summer Reading Club Turtle
    Mardi Aug 1, 2023 à 13 h

    L'inscription débute Le Lundi 12 juin 2023 - 10h00

    Join the Ottawa Humane Society and learn to be a good buddy to dogs! Participants will learn how to safely approach a dog and explore bite-prevention tips through role-playing scenarios. Family program for ages 5+

  • children playing with craft materials
    Jeudi Aug 10, 2023 à 14 h

    L'inscription débute Le Lundi 12 juin 2023 - 9h00

    Join us at Rockcliffe Park to create stars and nebulas with natural dyes in the tie dye art workshop.  Kid will each make a dye from things found in nature.

    English event.  Space is limited, registration required.  Ages 8-12.

    Is it weird, or is it true? Is it science or magic? 

  • children playing with craft materials
    Mardi Aug 15, 2023 à 14 h

    L'inscription débute Le Lundi 12 juin 2023 - 9h00

    To start us off, biologist Iola Price, will walk us through our own mini-forest here at Rockcliffe Park Branch and show us the ways that nature adapts and protects itself.  She will uncover some of nature’s very cool secrets.   Then create an art work that you think would look like an alien or alien plant using natural, found material from our grounds, and paint a picture of it en plein air!

    English event.  Space is limited, registration required. For adults and kids!


                                                                                                      Image by Jazella

    Iola is a biologist.  She has worked her entire career to help save our environment.  As a scientist she has had many adventures including helping baby Peregrine Falcons until they were big enough to fly free, counting migrating shorebirds from a small airplane over the North coast of South America to studying the effects of toxic chemicals in Black-crowned Night Herons on Lake Ontario. 

    She is active in our community to remove invasive plants that crowd out our native plants (like Trilliums) and is helping to create a natural mini forest (woodlot) here at the Rockcliffe Public Library. 

    Get a close-up look at the science of the world around you.