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Share your Love of Reading

Here are some tips to help you share your love of reading with your child.

Ages 0-3

Cuddle up!

Shared reading can be a special time in the day when your child has your attention all to themselves. These cozy experiences help them to associate books and reading with pleasure. Children will often ask to hear the same story over and over again as they seek to recreate the special moments you’ve shared together.

Discovering books as objects

Your baby may be eager to explore books using all their five senses including touch and even taste! You can borrow small but sturdy board books, designed to withstand their enthusiastic exploration. Over time, with you as their model, they will come to learn how to hold a book and carefully turn the pages.

On the move!

Once your baby starts to crawl, their attention may start wavering during reading sessions. There is so much to discover! Stick to shorter books and use them to signal bedtime or other quieter moments in the day.

Join us for storytime at the library!

Library programs include stories, activities, songs, puppets and rhymes. These programs are free and offered at branches throughout the city.

Find a library program:

Ages 4 to 8

Read together

Your child may be starting to read on its own which is exciting for everyone but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your regular reading sessions. Continue to read to your child and allow them to read certain phrases or the parts of a certain characters. Reading skills are pivotal in your child’s success in school and you can demonstrate how important reading is by making it part of your daily life. Make a point of reading recipes, street signs and instruction manuals for toys together as you go about your day.

Choosing what books to read

It can be challenging to find a book that matches your child’s interests and reading level. You can ask our expert staff for help in selecting a book for your child by visiting a branch or submitting your questions online or checking out our blog for staff picks. Don’t forget that there is a wide variety of reading material available for reluctant readers including non-fiction books, graphic novels, magazines and books in electronic and audio formats. Invite your child to explore!

Participate in our school age programs and special events

The library hosts a variety of free programs and events each year including book clubs, author visits, musical performances and STEAM programming all of which allow your child to develop their language and communication skills while exploring topics of interest. Take a look at what we having coming up on our programs and events page.

Ages 9 and up

Offer up lots of choice

Your child’s reading tastes are developing and becoming more individualized. Make a variety of reading material (on their favorite subjects) available to them by scattering fiction and non-fiction books and magazines around the house where your tween can discover them on their own.

Get caught reading!

Let your child see you reading for pleasure. Cuddle up on the couch together while you each read your own book. Share funny or interesting excerpts with your child and let it spark a conversation.

Encourage their creativity

Invite your tween to take part in our Awesome Author Contest, a writing contest for aspiring young poets and short story authors. Plus, they can take part in a workshop with a local author and contest judge to learn some tips and improve their writing.