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Make it Messy! – At home STEM projects for kids using things you already have

Apr 04, 2020

Get in the swing of things with some mucky, EXPLOSIVE, and magical science experiments! Take a deeper dive into each topic by visiting the online resources suggested with each activity.

Try out this artsy science experiment, pendulum painting, to learn about gravity and physics in motion! You could take this outside and use water over dry pavement for the same awesome effect. Find more information about pendulums by searching The World Almanac Kids which can be found in the Infobase on-line resource.

We are social distancing, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get outside to play in the muck and mud. It is springtime, after all! Discover the properties of solids, liquids and the muck in between! Follow up by reading One Duck Stuck using our Tumblebook Library.

The only thing more fun than watching things EXPLODE is making it happen. This is a twist on the ol’ erupting volcano experiment and is sure to be a BLAST! Teach kids about acids and bases by exploding some baggies! You can make your own colouring by soaking the tips of dried up washable markers upside down in a cup with a small amount of water overnight. Just for Kids offers thousands of videos on demand for you to watch with your kids at home. You can watch a short video about ‘solutions’ to further your child’s learning!

Water molecules can teach us something about the importance of sticking together. Try out this cool experiment which really looks like a magic trick, but teaches kids about surface tension! Water is the most important liquid we have on earth. Learn more about water through Britannica Library for Children.

EXPLORE, experiment, and enjoy your time together!

Kudos and credits go to Kids STEAM Lab, Story Twiggles,, and Educational Innovations Inc..

Blog post contributed by Tracy from the Stittsville Branch